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Backup Mode

Last updated: 2024-01-06 17:33:30
    TDSQL for MySQL supports full backup and incremental backup.

    Backup Type

    Full backup

    You can set the backup retention period for full backups, which is set to seven days by default.

    Incremental backup

    Incremental backup is implemented based on binlogs, which are generated in real time. The binlogs occupy some disk space and are periodically uploaded to the TencentDB backup system.

    Custom Backup Time

    1. Log in to the TDSQL for MySQL console and click an instance ID or Manage in the Operation column to enter the instance management page. 2, Click Backup and Restoration in the instance management page.
    2. On the Backup and Restoration > Backup and Log Settings page, you can set the storage period and backup execution time.
    Storage Time: Data and log backups can be retained for 1 to 365 days. Default value: 7 days.
    Backup Execution Time: It can be set to any time period in hours.
    Log backup is enabled by default and cannot be disabled. Logs include error logs, slow logs, and transaction logs (binlogs).
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