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Connecting Database

Last updated: 2024-01-06 17:34:55

    Connecting with Client

    TDSQL for MySQL supports a connection method compatible with MySQL. It can be connected using the IP address, port number, username, and password, as shown below:
    mysql -hxxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -Pxxxx -uxxx -pxxx -c
    TDSQL for MySQL does not support clients earlier than version 4.0 and compression protocols. We recommend that you add the -c option when using the client, so that you can use advanced features.

    Connecting with PHP MySQLi

    To connect to TDSQL for MySQL in PHP, you need to enable the MySQLi extension. A demo is as follows:
    $host=""; //Instance proxy_host_ip
    $user="test"; //Instance user
    $pwd="test"; //Instance password
    $db="aaa"; //Database name
    $port="15002"; //proxy_host port number
    $sqltool=new MySQLli($host,$user,$pwd,$db,$port);
    //Other necessary code
    echo "ok"."\\n";

    Connecting with JDBC

    You can run the following code to connect to TDSQL for MySQL with JDBC:
    private final String USERNAME = "test";
    private final String PASSWORD = "123456";
    private final String DRIVER = "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver";
    private final String URL = "jdbc:mysql://";
    private Connection connection;
    private PreparedStatement pstmt;
    private ResultSet resultSet;

    Other Connection Methods

    TDSQL for MySQL supports other connection methods compatible with MySQL, such as Navicat and ODBC.
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