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1. API Description

Domain name for API request: dcdb.tencentcloudapi.com.

This API is used to create a monthly subscribed TDSQL instance by passing in information such as instance specifications, database version number, and purchased duration.

A maximum of 20 requests can be initiated per second for this API.

We recommend you to use API Explorer
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API Explorer provides a range of capabilities, including online call, signature authentication, SDK code generation, and API quick search. It enables you to view the request, response, and auto-generated examples.

2. Input Parameters

The following request parameter list only provides API request parameters and some common parameters. For the complete common parameter list, see Common Request Parameters.

Parameter Name Required Type Description
Action Yes String Common Params. The value used for this API: CreateDCDBInstance.
Version Yes String Common Params. The value used for this API: 2018-04-11.
Region No String Common Params. This parameter is not required for this API.
Zones.N Yes Array of String AZs to deploy shard nodes. You can specify up to two AZs. When the shard specification is 1-source-2-replica, two of the nodes are deployed in the first AZ.
The current purchasable AZ needs be pulled through DescribeDCDBSaleInfo API.
Period Yes Integer Validity period in months
ShardMemory Yes Integer Shard memory size in GB, which can be obtained
by querying the instance specification through DescribeShardSpec API.
ShardStorage Yes Integer Shard storage size in GB, which can be obtained
by querying the instance specification through DescribeShardSpec API.
ShardNodeCount Yes Integer Number of nodes in a single shard, which can be obtained
by querying the instance specification through DescribeShardSpec API.
ShardCount Yes Integer The number of shards in the instance. Value range: 2-8. You can increase up to 64 shards by upgrading your instance.
Count No Integer The number of instances to be purchased
ProjectId No Integer Project ID, which can be obtained through the DescribeProjects API. If this parameter is not passed in, the instance will be associated with the default project.
VpcId No String VPC ID. If this parameter is left empty or not passed in, the instance will be created on the classic network.
SubnetId No String VPC subnet ID, which is required when VpcId is specified.
DbVersionId No String Database engine version. Valid values: 5.7, 8.0, 10.0, 10.1.
AutoVoucher No Boolean Whether to automatically use vouchers. This option is disabled by default.
VoucherIds.N No Array of String Voucher ID list. Currently, you can specify only one voucher.
SecurityGroupId No String Security group ID
InstanceName No String Custom name of the instance
Ipv6Flag No Integer Whether IPv6 is supported. Valid values: 0 (unsupported), 1 (supported).
ResourceTags.N No Array of ResourceTag Array of tag key-value pairs
InitParams.N No Array of DBParamValue List of parameters. Valid values: character_set_server (character set; required); lower_case_table_names (table name case sensitivity; required; 0: case-sensitive; 1: case-insensitive); innodb_page_size (InnoDB data page size; default size: 16 KB); sync_mode (sync mode; 0: async; 1: strong sync; 2: downgradable strong sync; default value: 2).
DcnRegion No String DCN source region
DcnInstanceId No String DCN source instance ID
AutoRenewFlag No Integer Renewal mode. Valid values: 0 (manual renewal, which is the default mode), 1 (auto-renewal), 2 (manual renewal, which is specified by users). If no renewal is required, set it to 0.
SecurityGroupIds.N No Array of String Security group IDs in array. This parameter is compatible with the old parameter SecurityGroupId.

3. Output Parameters

Parameter Name Type Description
DealName String Long order ID, which is used to call the DescribeOrders API.
The parameter can be used to either query order details or call the user account APIs to make another payment when this payment fails.
InstanceIds Array of String IDs of the instances you have purchased in this order. If no instance IDs are returned, you can query them with the DescribeOrders API. You can also use the DescribeDBInstances API to check whether an instance has been created successfully.
Note: This field may return null, indicating that no valid values can be obtained.
RequestId String The unique request ID, which is returned for each request. RequestId is required for locating a problem.

4. Example

Example1 Creating a monthly subscribed TDSQL instance

This example shows you how to create a monthly subscribed TDSQL instance.

Input Example

POST / HTTP/1.1Host: dcdb.tencentcloudapi.comContent-Type: application/jsonX-TC-Action: CreateDCDBInstance<common request parameters>{    "Count": "1",    "DbVersionId": "5.7.17",    "ShardNodeCount": "3",    "Period": "1",    "AutoVoucher": "true",    "Zones": [        "ap-guangzhou-2",        "ap-guangzhou-2"    ],    "ShardMemory": "2",    "ShardCount": "  "ShardStorage": "10"}

Output Example

    "Response": {
        "RequestId": "8c4fba95-01e4-61d9-4146-59fc5afdf962",
        "DealName": "20181103110163",
        "InstanceIds": [

5. Developer Resources


TencentCloud API 3.0 integrates SDKs that support various programming languages to make it easier for you to call APIs.

Command Line Interface

6. Error Code

The following only lists the error codes related to the API business logic. For other error codes, see Common Error Codes.

Error Code Description
FailedOperation.CreateOrderFailed Failed to create an order.
FailedOperation.PayFailed Failed to make order payment.
FailedOperation.TagDryRunError Either tag key/value verification or tag API authentication failed.
InternalError.CamAuthFailed CAM authentication request failed.
InternalError.CheckVipStatusFailed Failed to verify the VIP status
InternalError.DbOperationFailed Failed to query the database.
InternalError.GetSubnetFailed Failed to query the VPC subnet information.
InternalError.GetVpcFailed Failed to query the VPC information.
InternalError.OperateDatabaseFailed Database operation failed.
InvalidParameter.CheckParamNotPass Failed to verify input parameters.
InvalidParameter.GenericParameterError An error occurred while verifying parameter validity.
InvalidParameter.SpecNotFound No purchasable specifications found
InvalidParameter.SubnetNotFound The specified VPC subnet was not found.
InvalidParameter.VpcNotFound The specified VPC was not found.
InvalidParameterValue.IllegalQuantity The number of products exceeds the upper limit.
InvalidParameterValue.IllegalZone The specified AZ was not found.
InvalidParameterValue.SpecIdIllegal The specification information of the database instance was not found.
UnauthorizedOperation.PermissionDenied You have no permission to manipulate this API or resource.
UnsupportedOperation.DbVersionNotSupported This database version is not supported.
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