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Error Code

Last updated: 2022-01-19 16:09:51

    Input Parameters

    Field Description Remarks
    Bcc Blind carbon copy address Currently unsupported
    Cc Copy address Currently unsupported
    Content-Transfer-Encoding Content transfer encoding method Currently unused. You can leave it empty. Content except attachments doesn't need to be encrypted
    Content-Type Content type Currently, you can pass in only text/plain; charset=UTF-8,text/html; charset=UTF-8 multipart/mixed, multipart/related, or multipart/alternative; otherwise, an error will be reported
    Date Date and time Currently unused
    Delivered-To Recipient address Currently unused
    From Sender address Required
    Message-ID Message ID Currently unused
    MIME-Version MIME version Currently unused. Leave it empty or pass in 1.0; otherwise, an error will be reported
    Received Transfer path Currently unused
    Reply-To Reply-to address Currently unused
    Return-Path Reply-to address Currently unused
    Subject Subject Required
    To Recipient address Required

    Attachment parameters (when sending attachment)

    Field Description Remarks
    Content-Type Content type We recommend you pass in application/octet-stream for files
    Content-Transfer-Encoding Content transfer encoding method Currently, only Base64 is supported, and an error will be reported if you pass in other values
    Content-Disposition Content disposition method Currently, you can only pass in attachment, and attachments cannot be sent if you pass in other values
    Content-ID Content ID Currently unsupported
    Content-Location Content location (path) Currently unsupported
    Content-Base Content base location Currently unsupported

    The input parameter verification requirements are generally the same as those of SendEmail, including the restrictions on the number of recipients, email body size, attachment format, and attachment size.

    Response Parameters

    The SMTP API has no response parameters and only supports returning the err information. If nil is returned, it indicates that the API call is successful, but the actual email sending may not be necessarily successful. To get the sending status, see [GetSendEmailStatus](https://www.tencentcloud.com/document/product/1084 /39502).

    Error Codes

    System errors

    1. There are 2,000 or more characters in a single line in the email body.
      554 5.0.0 Error: transaction failed, blame it on the weather: smtp: too longer line in input stream or other logs that contain too longer.
      write tcp *.*.*.*:60575->*.*.*.*:25: write: broken pipe

    2. The attachment is too large.
      If the attachment is about 9 MB in size, EOF will be returned. We recommend you keep the total attachment size below 8 MB and keep the total message size below 10 MB. Otherwise, the content will be truncated, and other exception errors such as Base64 decoding failure will be reported.

    Business errors

    The format of a business error is as follows:
    554 5.0.0 Error: transaction failed, blame it on the weather: ##SES-response-json: {"Response":{"RequestId":"bee4e9fb-8127-48cc-b606-bbb1e801596b","QcloudError":{"Error":{"Code":"FailedOperation.MissingEmailContent. The operation failed. The content of the email is missing (TemplateDataandSimplecannot be both empty).
    After ##SES-response-json: is the json form of the structure returned by the sending API. The fields are as described below:

    Field Type Description
    RequestId string Request ID
    QcloudError stuct Error structure


    Field Type Description
    Code string Error code
    Message string Error message

    General business error description:

    Error Code Error Description Remarks
    FailedOperation msg.From is null The sender is empty
    FailedOperation msg.Subject is null The subject is empty
    FailedOperation msg.Body is null The message body is empty
    FailedOperation Content-Transfer-Encoding must in... Check the Content-Transfer-Encoding parameter against the input parameter description
    FailedOperation Content-Type must in... Check the Content-Type parameter in the header against the input parameter description
    FailedOperation Mime-Version must in... Check the Mime-Version parameter in the header against the input parameter description
    FailedOperation The email is too large. Remove some content... The email body other than attachments cannot exceed 1 MB in size
    FailedOperation Incorrect attachment content. Make sure the base64 content is... The attachment content must be Base64-encoded
    FailedOperation The attachments are too large. Make sure they do not exceed the... The size of a single attachment exceeds 5 MB, or the total size of all attachments exceeds 10 MB (which may be adjusted)
    RequestLimitExceeded.SmtpRateLimit smtp sending frequency limit... The SMTP call rate limit is reached

    Other business errors

    You can refer to the descriptions of error codes in SendEmail.

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