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Last updated: 2023-12-22 10:31:26

    How long does it take to review an email template?

    If you submit an email template on a business day, we will finish the review within one business day. If you submit an email template on a non-business day, we will finish the review on the next business day.

    What are the content standards for email templates?

    The template must reflect the actual business, and the message meaning and scenario must be identifiable through the text content (excluding variables). The business types of different templates of the same user must be the same, and if there are special circumstances, they should be explained in advance.
    Word count requirements: at least 150 words for marketing emails; at least 50 words for notification, transactional, and testing emails; no word limit for trigger-based emails.
    Variables: keep the ratio of variables to text less than or equal to 1:5. Variable-only templates are not supported.
    Number of images: do not include more than 50 images in an email. Image-only templates (i.e., templates with only image but no text) are not supported.
    Content requirements (including but not limited to the following requirements):
    Do not send emails involving phishing, lucky draw for top-up, pornography, drugs, violence, intimidation, gambling, lottery, cashback and rebate, flash sales, loan, debt collection, click farming, religion, superstition, friend adding on QQ or WeChat, group joining, and invoices.
    Do not send spam, unclear emails, or graymail.
    Do not include URLs or redirection links in emails.
    Do not send unsolicited emails.
    The reason for template rejection will be displayed with a red exclamation mark.
    Template review standards include but are not limited to the above requirements, and Tencent Cloud has the right to change them as needed.
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