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Last updated: 2024-02-28 14:50:19

    How does SES ensure reliable email transmission?

    After you create an email template, we will review the template content to ensure that it meets the ISP's requirements. To further improve your email delivery rate, SES provides a feedback mechanism that includes email bounces, complaints, and delivery notifications.

    Can SES ensure successful delivery of my emails?

    Whether it is SES or any other email service, it cannot guarantee 100% successful delivery of every email, which is affected by many factors, such as email content, domain name reputation, open rate, and user complaint. For more information, see Measures to prevent emails from being marked as spam.

    How long does it take for an email sent via SES to reach the recipient's inbox?

    Generally, an email will be delivered to the recipient's inbox within 3 seconds to 5 minutes, max 72 hours. A few emails may be delayed due to factors such as email content and the email service provider's policy. Therefore, it is normal to deliver an email in more than 5 minutes.

    Will email bounces or complaints caused by other SES users affect my email delivery rate?

    Usually, if you are using a shared IP, email bounces or complaints caused by other SES users may have a certain impact on your email delivery rate. Dedicated IPs are unavailable currently.

    What should I do if the image in the email is not displayed?

    You can troubleshoot as below:
    1. Check whether the image URL is correct.
    2. Check whether your email client forbids loading images. If yes, click the Show Image button.
    3. Check whether the image is blocked by the recipient.

    What should I do if my email sent via SES is blocked by the enterprise email service?

    Usually, enterprise email services block advertising emails, so do not include advertising content in your email subject and content unless necessary.

    Why did my email fail to be sent?

    Check the error code document first to determine the error type.
    Then troubleshoot in the following order:
    1. Whether the account has the QcloudFullAccess permission and whether SecretId and SecretKey are correct.
    2. Whether the sender domain is verified. (Do not modify the configured DNS after it passes verification.)
    3. Whether the recipient email address is correct.
    4. Whether the template is approved and whether the format of TemplateData is correct.
    5. If "You can only send emails with a template" is returned, it indicates that you cannot directly send an email. Send your email with a template.
    If the issue persists, contact Tencent Cloud technical team for support.

    What is the unsubscription mechanism?

    When an end user unsubscribes from emails sent by a customer, Tencent Cloud will notify the customer of the unsubscription event and record the end user's unsubscription status. In addition, the corresponding sender domain will no longer be able to send emails to this end user.

    Why do some emails get blocked?

    Tencent Cloud maintains an address blocklist database and blocks sending emails to these blocklisted addresses. This helps customers filter out malicious email requests. Moreover, in order to protect customers’ sender reputation, Tencent Cloud adds the recipient addresses that have been rejected recently to the blocklist database. The blocklist database is shared across all accounts, so the address blocklists generated in different accounts are added to the same database. The email addresses in the blocklist database will be blocked for 180 days. You can log in to the SES console or call the API to unblocklist them. If the recipient addresses are valid and not in your blocklist, they may be blocklisted by other accounts. In this case, you can contact Tencent Cloud technical team to unblocklist them.

    User open rate

    The user open rate is also an important metric of whether an email will go to the inbox. The higher the user engagement rate, the more likely the ISP will increase the credibility of the domain name accordingly. Generally speaking, it is normal that the open rate of registered emails is above 80%. For notification emails, this metric depends on the business scenarios. For marketing emails, you should continuously optimize the email subject and content to engage users. If this metric is below 50%, sent emails will likely go to the spambox.
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