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Email Configuration

Last updated: 2023-12-22 10:21:42


    If your domain is hosted in Tencent Cloud, log in to the DNSPod console to configure the domain verification information; otherwise, configure it as needed.
    After the sender domain is configured and verified, make sure that MX, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC are configured correctly; otherwise, a sending exception may occur.
    Do not use a corporate email domain; otherwise, a configuration information conflict might occur.
    After the domain is configured, synchronization may take 5 minutes to 2 hours. Please wait for the verification to complete.
    Each Tencent Cloud account can be configured with up to 10 domains.


    1. Logging in to the SES console

    Log in to the SES console. If you do not have a Tencent Cloud account yet, then sign up for one first as instructed in Signing Up. If you are prompted to verify your identity, complete identity verification in the Account Center. For detailed directions, see Identity Verification Guide.

    2. Activating the SES service

    Click Activate SES.


    Step 1. Configure the sender domain

    A domain that has been registered for Tencent Exmail cannot be used as a sender domain.
    1. Log in to the SES console and click Sender Domain.
    2. Click Create on the Sender Domain page.
    3. Enter a sender domain in the Domain field, for example, mail.qcloud.com, and click Submit.
    A sender domain is the basis of an email address and represents the sender's corporate identity. To verify a sender domain, you need to configure the DNS information for it. Therefore, you must have the admin permissions on the domain.
    4. Click Verify and configure the DNS information of the domain based on the record value on the Sender Domain page.
    For more information on how to perform domain verification, see Identity Verification and Configuration.
    5. After the DNS configuration is completed, click Submit on the sender domain page. After the verification is passed, the status of the sender domain will become Verified.

    Step 2. Configure the sender address

    1. Go back to the Overview page and click Sender Address.
    2. Click Create on the Sender Address page.
    3. Set the following parameters as needed:
    Sender Domain: Select the verified sender domain created in step 1.
    Email Prefix: Enter an email prefix, for example, test.
    Sender Name: Enter a sender name, for example, Lil C.
    A sender address should be a full email address suffixed with a verified sender domain. Example: test@example.qcloudmail.com.
    4. Click Submit to complete the sender address configuration.
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