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Callback Address

Last updated: 2023-12-22 10:23:19


    After a callback address is set, Tencent Cloud will notify the callback address of successful delivery, email rejection, email bounce, email open, click on link, unsubscription, and other events. You can configure a callback address in the SES console. This document describes how to create a callback address.
    1. A callback address can be at the account or sender address level. By default, the callback address is empty, indicating no notification. An account-level callback address applies to all the sender addresses under the account, while a callback address at the sender address level applies only to the sender address.
    2. The sender address-level callback takes priority over the account-level callback as follows.
    If both account-level and sender address-level callbacks are set, the former applies only to the sender address, while the latter applies to other sender addresses.
    If only an account-level callback is set, it applies to all the sender addresses under the account.
    If only a sender address-level callback is set, it applies only to the sender address.
    3. Only one account-level callback can be created, and only one sender address-level callback can be created for a sender address.
    Callback addresses support only ports 8080, 8081, and 8082.


    Callback address at the account level

    1. Log in to the SES console, select Configuration > Callback Address > Account level, and click
    2. Enter a real callback address and click Save.

    Callback address at the sender address level

    1. On the Callback Address page, select Sender address level and click Create.
    2. Enter the following parameters as needed and click Submit.
    Sender Address: Select the configured sender address.
    Callback Address: Enter a real callback address.
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