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Authorizing Sub-account Read/Write Access to Files with Specified Prefix

Last updated: 2024-01-23 18:02:53
The enterprise account, CompanyExample (ownerUin: 12345678; appID: 1250000000), has a sub-account, Developer, that requires read/write permissions for objects with the prefix “test” under the dir1 directory of the Bucket1 bucket of the COS service in Shanghai region under the CompanyExample enterprise account.
Solution A:
Step 1: create the following policy according to policy syntax.
"version": "2.0",
"effect": "allow",
"action": "cos:*",
"resource": "qcs::cos:ap-shanghai:uid/1250000000:Bucket1-1250000000/dir1/test*"
Step 2: associate the sub-account with the policy. To learn how to associate a policy with a user account, see Authorization Management.
Solution B:
Configure the policy and ACL in the COS Console. For more information, see the COS documentation.
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