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Tencent Cloud Organization

Last updated: 2024-01-23 17:59:15

    Organization Overview

    The Organization management is a multi-account management product on Tencent Cloud designed specifically for corporate clients. It empowers organization administrators to implement unified management over the Tencent Cloud root accounts of both the group and its subsidiaries, offering management capabilities of accounts, finance and security. For the detailed instructions, please refer to the Tencent Cloud Organization documentation.
    Within the Tencent Cloud Organization, the management account can simultaneously grant management permissions of multiple created member accounts to a CAM sub-account. Once authorized, this CAM sub-account allow a single login, and you can select a member and access various member accounts within CAM.

    Operation Scenarios

    Suppose that a group has Account A and Account B on Tencent Cloud. It choose Account A as the management account to activate the account management product. There are two subsidiaries in the group, possessing Account C and Account D respectively. There is also a security administrator named M in this group, hoping to simultaneously manage the accounts of the group and its subsidiaries.
    In such a scenario, the group management account can create a CAM Sub-user 1 for employee M and grant him security operation permissions of Account B, Account C, and Account D. After logging into the Tencent Cloud console through CAM Sub-user 1, the employee can select different member accounts to perform related security operation tasks with no need to create CAM sub-users under each account.

    The steps are as follows:

    Adding an Authorization

    1. Log in to the Organization console using the administrator account and go to the Login permission settings page.
    2. Proceed to establish permission models that manage all members, such as network operations, security operations, CVM operations, and financial administrator, etc. For more information, please refer to Creating Member Login Permission.
    3. Navigate to Member Account Management, click Add Member, select Create New Member and choose the needed permissions to manage. For further information, kindly refer to Add Organization Members.
    4. Upon successful creation of the member, grant sub-users member login permissions via the Member Account Management list > Login Account. For more detailed instructions, please refer to Authorizing Sub-Users to Log in to Member Accounts.

    Logging in with a Sub-User

    Log into the Tencent Cloud Organization console > Member Account Management with a CAM sub-user, choose the member and access permissions you need to manage, and click on the Login Account in the operation column. You can log in to the member console with the sub-user and manage operations.
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