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Last updated: 2024-01-23 18:03:29

    How do I manage project resource permissions in a refined manner?

    You can implement refined permissions management as instructed in Authorization by Tag.

    Can I view the resources consumed for a project?

    No. However, you can view the consumption details in the CAM console.
    You can view all the resources used under the current account on the Overview page in the console.

    What should I do if the message “Failed to verify the SAML with a certificate” is prompted when I log in to Tencent Cloud as a sub-user?

    You can troubleshoot as follows:
    1. Use the SAML tool to verify whether the SAML response format is correct.
    2. Check whether the required parameters (especially role-related parameters) are provided in the SAML response in correct format.
    3. Check whether the parameters in the previous step have been used to create an IdP and a role as instructed in Accessing Tencent Cloud Console as SAML 2.0 Federated Users.
    If the problem persists, submit a ticket for assistance.
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