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Granting Management or Read-Only Permissions for Specified Product

Last updated: 2024-01-23 18:02:53
CAM provides default (or preset) authorization policies to help you use it for your Tencent Cloud services, with at least preset management and read-only policies available for each service category. You can use these preset policies to associates CAM sub-accounts or user groups to control the access permissions for a service.
Step 1: In the CAM console, select Policies on the left sidebar. Enter a Tencent Cloud service name (such as CVM) in the search box, and you can view a list of preset policies for this service.

QcloudCVMFullAccess is a management policy, and QcloudCVMInnerReadOnlyAccess is a read-only policy.
The management policies of some services do not include payment permissions. You can associate a default payment management policy (such as QcloudCVMFullAccess) with the CAM sub-user/user group you want to authorize.
Step 2: Authorize policies in the above list to the CAM sub-account as needed. For more information on authorization, see Authorization Management.
If you want to grant all the management permissions of a Tencent Cloud account to a sub-user, you can use the preset policy AdministratorAccess. AdministratorAccess: This policy allows you to manage all users and their permissions, related financial information, and cloud service assets under this account.
If you want to grant the read-only permissions of a Tencent Cloud account to a sub-user, you can use the preset policy ReadOnlyAccess. ReadOnlyAccess” This policy allows you to access all the cloud service assets that support API-level or resource-level authentication under a Tencent Cloud account in a read-only manner.
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