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TDMQ for RocketMQ

Last updated: 2024-06-15 10:08:23

    Service roles and service-linked roles are predefined by Tencent Cloud services and, upon user authorization, the corresponding services can access and use resources by assuming these service-linked roles. This document provides detailed information on the use cases and associated authorization policies of these specific service-linked roles.

    Product Role Name Role Types Role Entity
    RocketMQ RocketMQ_QCSLinkedRoleInSendSSLcertificate Service-Related Roles sendSSLcertificate.rocketmq.cloud.tencent.com


    Use Cases: This role is to obtain the the SSL certificate maintained in Tencent Cloud and distributing it to the server of the message queue. The current role is the CAM service linked role, which will access your other service resources within the scope of the permissions of the associated policy.
    Authorization Polices

    • Policy Name: QcloudAccessForRocketMQLinkedRoleInSendSSLcertificate
    • Policy Information:
        "version": "2.0",
        "statement": [
                "effect": "allow",
                "action": [
                "resource": "*"
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