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User Types

Last updated: 2024-01-23 17:23:14
CAM users are identities you create in Tencent Cloud. Each CAM user is associated with only one Tencent Cloud account. The Tencent Cloud account you registered is the root account. You can also create sub-accounts with custom permissions in Users to help you manage your Tencent Cloud resources. There are 3 types of sub-account: sub-users, collaborators and message recipients.
Account Types
Root Account
Message Recipient

Owns all Tencent Cloud resources, and can access any of the resources.
We strongly recommend against using the root account to manage or operate resources. Instead, create sub-accounts and associate them with policies as required. Use these sub-accounts with limited permissions to work with your cloud resources.

Created by the root account, and fully belongs to the root account that created the sub-user.
When a root account is added as a collaborator of the current root account, it becomes one of the sub-accounts of the current root account. The account can be switched from collaborator back to root account.
Only has message receiving capabilities
Console Access
Programming Access
Policy Authorization
Owns all policies by default
Message Notifications

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