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Configure OIDC In the Enterprise IdP

Last updated: 2024-01-23 17:39:39


    It's crucial for an enterprise's existing identity system - as an IdP - to configure OIDC for Tencent Cloud (the SP). This establishes trust from the enterprise IdP towards Tencent Cloud, enabling enterprise IdP users to log in to Tencent Cloud using user-based SSO.
    Note: This document uses IdP Azure Active Directory as an example.


    Creating an Application in Enterprise IdP

    1. Log in to the Azure Active Directory portal as an administrator.
    2. Navigate to Azure Active Directory> Enterprise Applications > All Applications.
    3. Click New Application.
    4. Click Create Your Own Application.
    5. In the pop-up window on the right, enter the application name and select any additional applications not found in your current collection (non-database).

    Obtaining the URL for the Metadata of the OIDC Service Provider from Tencent Cloud

    1. Log in to the Tencent Cloud account Cloud Access Management Console.
    Please Note:
    For steps on Tencent Cloud's OIDC configuration, please refer to Configuring OIDC in Tencent Cloud SP.
    2. In the left navigation bar, select Identity Provider > User SSO, as detailed below:
    3. Click Copy to acquire the Redirect URL information.

    Incorporating the Redirect URL Obtained from Tencent Cloud to the Enterprise IdP

    1. Navigate to Azure Active Directory> App Registrations > All Applications.
    2. At the application name field, click the application that has been created.
    3. In the left navigation bar, click on Single Sign-On.
    4. Select link for the SSO method, as shown in the figure:
    5. Enter the Redirect URL obtained from Tencent Cloud.
    6. Click Save.
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