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Last updated: 2024-01-23 18:03:29

    What is an API key?

    An API key is an important identity credential for making Tencent Cloud API requests. You can use APIs to manage resources under your Tencent Cloud account. For the security of your assets and services, store your keys safely and change them regularly.

    Where can I view the API key?

    The API key is the access key. For more information on how to view the root account API key, please see Root Account Access Key. For more information on how to view the sub-account API Key, please see Access Key.

    How do I authorize a sub-account key?

    The sub-account key is consistent with the permissions of the sub-account. You only need to grant the sub-account permissions, and the sub-account key will have the same permissions. For more information on sub-account permission settings, please see “Setting Sub-user Permission”.
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