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Reviewing Employee Operation Records on Tencent Cloud

Last updated: 2024-01-23 17:59:15


    After creating and authorizing CAM sub-users for your employees, they can use CAM sub-users to log in to the Tencent Cloud Console, or use the CAM sub-user keys to access and operate resources associated with your account through API. When many employees need to log in to Tencent Cloud and access resources at the same time, you might want to know the following information:
    What resources have been accessed by employees?
    Do employees encounter problems with their operations?
    Which employee purchased a resource?
    How to view modification records of resource configuration?
    How to track sensitive operations?
    Do employees access Tencent Cloud within your restricted environment?
    At this time, you can view and track employee operations through CloudAudit. CloudAudit supports online viewing of Tencent Cloud console and API operation records within 90 days.


    1. You have created a sub-user.
    2. You have logged in to the CloudAudit Console and entered the Operation Records page.


    Viewing Operation Record Event Details

    You can filter by the Operator condition to search for CAM sub-users/roles, and view the operation records of specified employees.
    You can view the event details on the right by clicking Event Name. In the specific log summary, identify the account ID and name that performed the actual operation through the operator field, and view the operation source by the source IP address.
    In the detailed log information, you can identify the actual operating account ID through the principalId.
    For detailed operations, please refer to: Viewing Event Details in Operation Record.

    Using Tracking Set for Log Delivery

    If you need to view employee operation records over a longer period of time, you can use the tracking set feature of CloudAudit to deliver logs to a COS bucket or CLS.
    When delivering to CLS, you can select specific operations (such as sensitive operations) for a certain product and configure alarm policies in CLS.
    For more detailed operations, please refer to: Shipping Log with Tracking Set.
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