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Resetting Login Passwords for Sub-Users

Last updated: 2024-01-23 17:35:43


    This document describes how to change the password for a sub-user. After the modification, the sub-user can use the new password to log in and manage resources under the root account.


    These directions only apply to created custom sub-users.
    1. In User List, locate the sub-user whose password needs to be changed and click the username to enter the user details page.
    2. Go to Security > Console login settings > Login password and click Reset Password, as shown below:
    3. In the Console Access window that pops up, set the password for the current user as shown below:
    If you need to set a new password for the sub-user, you can do so in the following two ways:
    If you select Auto-generate password in Access Password, the system will automatically generate a console login password. You can copy and save it. If needed, you can also click Download .csv to save the password.
    If you select Customize Password in Access Password, enter the password you want to set as the sub-user's console login password.
    If you want the current user to reset their own password, you can select Enforce Password Reset. The sub-user will be required to reset their console login password the next time they log in.
    For more information on how to create custom sub-users, please see Creating a Custom Sub-user. For more information on how to change the login password for collaborators, please see Modifying Account Password.
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