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Viewing VPCs

Last updated: 2021-05-20 10:20:20

    You can query all VPC resources via the VPC console, such as cloud resources and connections in a VPC.


    1. Log in to the VPC console.
    2. Select the region of the VPC at the top of the VPC page. You can check the information of all VPC in this region in the list.
    Column Description
    ID/Name The ID and name of the VPC. The name can be modified.
    IPv4 CIDR Block The IPv4 CIDR block of the VPC. It cannot be modified.
    IPv6 CIDR block The IPv6 CIDR block of the VPC. This feature is currently in beta. To use it, please submit a ticket.
    Subnet The number of subnets in the VPC. Click the number to access the Subnet page.
    Route Table The number of route tables in the VPC. Click the number to access the Route Table page.
    NAT Gateway The number of NAT Gateways in the VPC. Click the number to access the NAT Gateway page.
    VPN Gateway The number of VPN gateways in the VPC. Click the number to access the VPN Gateway page.
    CVM The number of CVMs in the VPC. Click the number to access the CVM page. Click the CVM icon to redirect to the CVM purchase page.
    Classiclink The number of classic network-based CVM instances associated with this VPC. A classic network-based CVM can only be associated with one VPC.
    Direct Connect Gateway The number of direct connect gateways in the VPC. Click the number to access the Direct Connect Gateway page.
    Default VPC Indicates whether the VPC is the default VPC of the region. There can only be one default VPC in a region. The default VPC is automatically created when you purchase resources like CVM. It works the same as the manually-created ones.
    Creation Time The time when the VPC was created.
    Operation The supported operations of the VPC. Only a VPC without any resource can be deleted. You can click More to edit IPv4 CIDR block and IPv6 CIDR block if applicable.
    1. Click the VPC ID to view details, including the basic information, CCN association, and associated resources. Click the number next to a resource to access the resource management page.

    2. Return to the VPC list, and click in the top-right corner search box to filter VPC by different resource attributes.

    3. Click the setting icon in the upper-right corner to customize display columns.

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