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Example: Configuring Hybrid Access for a Private Network CLB

Last updated: 2022-04-24 10:14:46

    This document provides a sample configuration for the scenario that both the VPC and classic network are required during the business migration.


    Resource configuration of the classic network-based business:

    • The CVM client accesses a private network CLB.
    • The private network CLB is bound with two CVMs (CVM 1 and CVM 2) as the real servers.
    • Applications deployed in CVM 1 and CVM 2 can access the backend TencentDB for MySQL services.


    • Migrates resources from the classic network to a VPC
    • The VPC-based clients has a priority access to the private network CLB service in the classic network.
    • The classic network access remains available for one month after the migration.

    Migration process

    • 1Create a VPC
    • 2Migrate TencentDB services
    • 3Configure a terminal connection
    • 4Create a private network CLB and configure its backend service
    • 5Configure a Classiclink
    • 6Release the classic network resources


    1. Create a VPC as instructed in Creating VPCs.
    2. Migrate the TencentDB for MySQL services to the VPC as instructed in Network Switch.

      During the migration, the TencentDB instance still connects. Both the original classic network IP and VPC IP addresses remain valid after the migration, thus maintaining your service availability.

    3. Configure a terminal connection service to allow the CVM client in the VPC to access the public network CLB service in the classic network.

      A terminal connection does not support cross-region or cross-account communication. If you want to establish a terminal connection, please submit a ticket.

    4. Create a private network CLB instance and its real server in the VPC, and configure the related services.
    5. Configure a Classiclink to allow the classic network-based CVM to access the private network CLB instance in the VPC. Test whether the VPC provides services normally.
    6. After the VPC service is normal and VPC-based CVM starts accessing the private network CLB in the VPC, delete the terminal connection, maintain Classiclink, and release the resources in the classic network.
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