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VPCs or Subnets Cannot Be Deleted

Last updated: 2022-05-06 18:40:59

    Error Description

    VPCs or subnets cannot be deleted.

    Common Causes

    • VPC: A VPC can only be deleted when there is no resource associated other than empty subnets (IPs in the subnet are not used), routing tables, and network ACLs.
    • Subnet: A subnet can only be deleted when it’s not associated with any resource.

      Resources that can be associated with the subnet include CVM, private network CLB, ENI, HAVIP, SCF, TKE, and TencentDB (for MySQL, Redis, TDSQL, etc.).

    According to the rules above, VPCs and subnets cannot be deleted in the following cases:

    • There are cloud resources that have not been completely deleted. For example, after a database is terminated, it is in isolated status, and the database resources in this status actually are not completely released and continue to use the IP resources of the VPC. Therefore, the VPC or subnet cannot be deleted immediately.
    • Some resources can not be deleted in the VPC console.

    Troubleshooting Procedure

    1. Log in to the VPC console.

    2. Click Delete on the right of the VPC to be deleted, and check the associated resources.


      Note that public network CLB instances don’t use VPC resources.

    3. Click the VPC ID to enter the details page, click the corresponding cloud resource to enter its details page, and release it.

    4. After the resources are completely released, delete the VPC and subnet again.

      • If the problem persists, contact us for assistance.
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