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Rollback and Backup

Last updated: 2024-01-15 14:49:56

    How do I perform daily automatic backup and manual backup in TencentDB for MongoDB?

    TencentDB for MongoDB supports two backup modes: daily automatic backup and manual backup. The backup data is retained for 7 days by default.
    Automatic backup An instance can be automatically backed up once a day. You can view details on the Backup and Rollback tab on the management page in the TencentDB for MongoDB console by clicking the instance ID.
    Manual backup On the Backup and Rollback tab, click Manual Backup in the top-right corner, enter remarks in the pop-up window, and click Submit to complete manual backup.

    What determines the rollback time of a TencentDB for MongoDB instance?

    Rollback is based on the latest full backup image and oplog. The rollback time is subject to the amount of replayed oplogs. If the rollback is performed a long time after the full backup is completed, it will take more time to replay oplogs.

    How do I back up and roll back an instance in TencentDB for MongoDB?

    Replica set or sharded cluster instances currently support instance-level and database/collection-level backup and rollback.
    Backup In the TencentDB for MongoDB console, click an instance ID to enter the instance management page and click Manual Backup or set automatic backup on the Backup and Rollback tab. For detailed directions, see Data Backup.
    Rollback You need to enter a date to which you want to roll the instance back. You can enter any time point within the last 7 days. When you need to restore multiple collections of the database, you can perform Collection Rollback in the console to restore the data to the current instance or a new instance. When you need to restore the data of the entire instance, you can directly clone a new instance based on the backup file of the current instance to restore the data. For detailed directions, see Data Recovery.

    How do I reduce jitters during instance backup?

    By default, TencentDB for MongoDB performs full and incremental backups for the cluster data at midnight and supports rollback to any time point within the past 7 days. However, as the volume of the cluster data increases, the cluster may experience jitters regularly in the following aspects:
    1. The access latency increases.
    2. Slow logs increase.
    3. The CPU utilization increases.
    Analysis shows that the problem occurs when data backup is performed. Because the data of the entire instance needs to be backed up during physical and logical backups, the system resource load increases, which eventually affects the business query service.
    Solution: Hide the node during data backup to ensure that it is invisible to users. You can submit a ticket for assistance.
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