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Multi-AZ Deployment

Last updated: 2022-03-30 10:02:48

    Multi-AZ deployment refers to deployment of TencentDB for MongoDB replicas across multiple AZs in the same region. Multi-AZ deployed instances have higher availability and better disaster recovery capability than single-AZ deployed instances.

    Creating Multi-AZ Deployed Instance

    1. Log in to the TencentDB for MongoDB purchase page with a Tencent Cloud account.
    2. On the purchase page, configure the multi-AZ deployment parameters.
    • In the Billing Mode field, select a billing mode as needed. Pay-as-you-go is supported. For more information, see Billing Overview.
    • In the Region field, select the region of the multi-AZ deployed instance. We recommend you select the region closest to your end users to minimize the access latency.
    • In the AZ field, you can click Multi-AZ Deployment and select the AZ in the drop-down lists after Primary Node, Secondary Node 1, and Secondary Node 2 respectively. To guarantee a smooth cross-AZ switch, multi-AZ deployment does not support deploying most cluster nodes in the same AZ; that is, the primary and secondary nodes can be deployed only in three different AZs separately.
    • For more information on how to configure other parameters, see Creating TencentDB for MongoDB Instance.
    1. Click Billing Details to view product pricing and confirm the total fees.
    2. Click Buy Now. After the purchase success message is displayed, click Go to Console to enter the instance list page. After the instance status in the Monitoring/Status column becomes Running, the multiple AZs of the instance will be displayed in the AZ column.

    Accessing Multi-AZ Deployed Instance

    You can use MongoDB Shell or a concatenated URI through the SDK client for multiple programming languages to access a multi-AZ deployed instance. For detailed directions, see Connecting to TencentDB for MongoDB Instance.

    Upgrading from Single-AZ to Multi-AZ Deployed Instance

    You can upgrade a single-AZ deployed instance to a multi-AZ deployed instance. For detailed directions, see Modifying Instance AZ.

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