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User Guide

Last updated: 2024-01-15 14:33:12
    This document helps you get started with TencentDB for MongoDB.

    1. Basic Knowledge

    [How does TencentDB for MongoDB work?] (https://www.tencentcloud.com/document/product/240/3544!9270900afcc49c8b9896ecddb191c901)
    [Why TencentDB for MongoDB?] (https://www.tencentcloud.com/document/product/240/3545!0276afb0dd215e5fd2873433f471a274)
    [What are some typical TencentDB for MongoDB use cases?] (https://www.tencentcloud.com/document/product/240/7086!0f51923f98405818f23e0e4372f70f93)
    [What are the use limits of TencentDB for MongoDB?] (https://www.tencentcloud.com/document/product/240/31183!178954b65f003f1b1634f25344bdb6d8)

    2. Billing Modes

    TencentDB for MongoDB adopts the pay-as-you-go billing mode. For more information, see Billing Overview.

    3. Getting Started

    3.1 Create a MongoDB instance

    Before using TencentDB for MongoDB, you need to sign up for a Tencent Cloud account and purchase a TencentDB for MongoDB instance. For more information, see Creating TencentDB for MongoDB Instance.

    3.2 Connect to the MongoDB instance

    You can access the TencentDB for MongoDB instance from a CVM instance. For more information, see Connecting to TencentDB for MongoDB Instance.

    4. Console UI

    The following is the overview page of the TencentDB for MongoDB console:

    5. Console Features

    6. FAQs

    [What programming languages are supported for connecting to MongoDB?] (https://www.tencentcloud.com/document/product/240/18686#mongodb-.E6.8F.90.E4.BE.9B.E5.93.AA.E4.BA.9B.E8.AF.AD.E8.A8.80.E8.BF.9E.E6.8E.A5.E6.96.B9.E5.BC.8F.EF.BC.9F!dd2ff1e5e7eb3bc5b1814efe20b1be37)
    [What are the differences between TencentDB for MongoDB and self-built MongoDB?] (https://www.tencentcloud.com/document/product/240/3545!155ab8202e9724c3dd120c4bfddd1fba)
    [Which engines are supported by MongoDB?] (https://www.tencentcloud.com/document/product/240/18684#mongodb-.E7.9B.AE.E5.89.8D.E6.94.AF.E6.8C.81.E5.93.AA.E4.BA.9B.E5.BC.95.E6.93.8E.EF.BC.9F!cb8f3a94739617a051751753ed2a3abf)
    [How do I return a database?] (https://www.tencentcloud.com/document/product/240/18682!05f5d8ab228a0348ba4813e5314bb7f0)

    7. Feedback and Suggestions

    If you have any questions or suggestions when using TencentDB for MongoDB, you can submit your feedback through the following channels. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
    For questions about the product documentation, such as links, content, or APIs, click Send Feedback on the right of the document page.
    If you encounter any problems while using the product, submit a ticket for assistance.
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