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Acquisition of Push Certificate

Last updated: 2024-01-16 17:42:20
    This document describes how to generate and upload an iOS message push certificate.
    TPNS recommends you use .p12 certificates to manage the push services of your applications separately. Although a .p8 certificate is valid longer than a .p12 certificate, it has a wider push permission and scope. If leaked, it may cause more severe consequences.

    Step 1. Activate the remote push service for your application

    1. Log in to the Apple Developer website and click Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles in the right pane or Certificates, IDS & Profiles in the left sidebar to access the Certificates, IDS & Profiles page.
    2. Click + on the right of Identifiers.
    3. Register an AppID by following the steps below. You can also enable Push Notification Service using your existing AppID. Note that your Bundle ID cannot contain the wildcard *; otherwise, you will be unable to use the remote push service.
    3.1 Step1:Check App IDs and click Continue.
    3.2 Select App and click Continue.
    3.3 Configure Bundle ID and other information. Click Continue.
    3.4 Check Push Notifications to activate the remote push service.

    Step 2. Generate and upload a .p12 certificate

    1. Select your AppID and click Configure.
    2. In the Apple Push Notification service SSL Certificates, you will see two SSL certificates: Development SSL Certificate and Production SSL Certificate.
    Click Create Certificate under Development SSL Certificate to create a certificate. You will be prompted that
    Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is required.
    4. Open Keychain Access on macOS. Select Keychain Access > Certificate Assistant > Request a Certificate From a Certificate Authority.
    5. Enter your email for User Email Address and your name or company name for Common Name. Select Saved to disk and click Continue. Then the system will generate a *.certSigningRequest file.
    6. Return to the Apple Developer page as shown in step 3 and click Choose File to upload the *.certSigningRequest file.
    7. Click Continue to generate the push certificate.
    8. Click Download to save the Development SSL Certificate locally.
    9. Repeat the steps 1–8 to generate and download the Production SSL Certificate.
    Actually, this certificate is a Sandbox and Production merged certificate that applies to both the development and production environments.
    10. Double-click and open the Development SSL Certificate and Production SSL Certificate that have been download to import them to Keychain Access.
    11. Open Keychain Access, select Login > My Certificates, and right-click to export the .p12 files for Apple Development IOS Push Service: com.tpnssdk.pushdemo and Apple Push Services: com.tpnssdk.pushdemo respectively.
    Do set the password when saving the .p12 file.

    Step 3. Upload certificates to the TPNS Console

    1. Log in to the TPNS Console and select Product Management > Configuration Management.
    2. Click Upload Certificate in the Push Certificate pane to upload the Development SSL Certificate and Production SSL Certificate.
    3. Enter the certificate password and click Click to select.
    4. Choose your certificate and click Upload.
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