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Last updated: 2024-01-16 17:28:37
    Starting from July 1, 2020, applications created in the Tencent Push Notification Service console are eligible for a free Tencent Push Notification Service trial, which allows you to try out the service.
    1. The trial edition does not limit the length of use or the number of push notifications that can be sent. It offers the same features as the paid edition, including push through vendor channels, notification bar message collapsing, and rich media notifications.
    2. The trial edition can push to a maximum of 1,000 daily active users (DAUs), but does not limit the number of push notifications sent. Once the number of your DAUs exceeds 1,000, the service will be suspended and become unavailable to your application.
    3. If the number of your DAUs does not drop below 1,000 within 7 days of service suspension, Tencent Cloud will terminate the service for you on the 8th day, and your application token, account and tag information, push history, and other data will be deleted and cannot be retrieved. We recommend that you purchase Tencent Push Notification Service if your application exceeds the limit. For detailed instructions, see Purchase Directions.

    Directions on Activation

    2. Log in to the Tencent Push Notification Service console. If you are logging in for the first time, you need to check I have read and agree to Tencent Push Notification Service Developer Agreement.
    3. Go to the Product Management page and create a product and application.
    4. After the above steps, the trial edition will be activated for your application automatically. If the service status of your application is In use, it means you have access to the push service.
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