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API Overview

Last updated: 2021-06-02 17:14:41

    Push APIs

    API Name Description
    v3/push/app Pushes notification and in-app messages
  • Uploads number packages
  • Uploads token packages
  • v3/push/plan/add_plan_push Creates push plans

    Tag APIs

    API Name Description
    v3/device/tag Binds and unbinds tags
    v3/device/tag/delete_all_device Deletes all devices under a tag

    Account APIs

    API Name Description
    v3/device/account/batchoperate Binds and unbinds accounts
    v3/device/account/query Queries account and device binding

    Statistics APIs

    API Name Description
    v3/statistics/get_push_stat_overview Pushes daily aggregated statistics
    v3/statistics/get_device_stat_overview Queries device statistics
    v3/statistics/get_push_record Queries all push information in a specific period
    v3/statistics/get_push_record Queries the push information of a single task
    v3/statistics/get_push_task_stat_channel Queries the push statistics of a single task
    v3/statistics/get_push_group_stat Queries the aggregated push statistics of multiple tasks

    User Attribute APIs

    API Name Description
    v3/device/set_custom_attribute User attribute API, used to create, delete, update, and query custom attributes at the token level
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