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Querying Device Statistics

Last updated: 2021-03-24 10:41:40

    API Description

    Request method: POST.
    Calling frequency limit: 200 times/hour.

    request address/v3/statistics/get_device_stat_overview

    The API request address is corresponding to the service access point. Select the request address corresponding to the service access point of your application.

    Feature: this API is used to query "daily new devices", "daily active users", and "historically accumulated devices" of the application within a certain time period.

    Parameter Description

    Request parameters

    Parameter Name Required Type Description
    startDate Yes String Query start date
  • Format: YYYYMMDD
  • Limit: only data in the last 3 months can be queried
  • endDate Yes String Query end date. Format: YYYYMMDD

    Response parameters

    Parameter Name Type Description
    retCode Integer Returned status code
    errMsg String Error message
    getDeviceStatOverviewData Array Returned result, with getDeviceStatOverviewData structure variables shown in following table


    Parameter Name Type Description
    date Integer Data date
    accuUv Integer Accumulated devices
    newUv Integer Daily new devices
    activeUv Integer Daily peak of online devices


    Sample request

        "startDate": "20190724",
        "endDate": "20190726"

    Sample response

        "retCode": 0,
        "errMsg": "",
        "getDeviceStatOverviewData": [
                "date": 20190724,
                "accuUv": 0,
                "newUv": 0,
                "activeUv": 0
                "date": 20190725,
                "accuUv": 0,
                "newUv": 5,
                "activeUv": 0
                "date": 20190726,
                "accuUv": 5,
                "newUv": 0,
                "activeUv": 2
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