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Last updated: 2024-01-16 17:25:39
    Tencent Push Notification Service provides a stable and fast application push service that features high delivery rate. Boasting industry-leading technical advantages, stable and reliable message push channels, and proprietary dual service architecture for session keep-alive, it is easy and fast to access, effectively improving the message delivery rate. It can push 18 million messages per minute and deliver them in a matter of seconds (sustaining in-app pushes for Tencent applications such as the Honor of Kings). In addition, it can precisely tag users for efficient lean operation of applications.

    Multiple Push Types and Methods

    Tencent Push Notification Service offers a diverse variety of push methods to meet different business and industry needs. It provides push types such as notification bar messages, in-app push notifications, as well as redirection to applications, HTML5 pages, and deep links upon click. It also offers scheduled and loop push notifications to meet your needs in different use cases.

    Tencent Push Notification Service Channel + Vendor Channel for Fast and Stable Delivery

    Tencent Push Notification Service supports the integration of major vendor channels in Mainland China such as Mi, Huawei, Meizu, Vivo, and OPPO as well as the Google-supported FCM channel outside Mainland China. It can select the optimal channel based on the device brand to implement system-level push on vendor phones and effectively improve delivery rate. You can push up to 300,000 messages per second through exclusive channels and deliver a message in milliseconds.

    Session Keep-Alive

    Tencent Push Notification Service uses a unique dual service architecture for keep-alive session to stabilize message delivery, consume less power and traffic, and improve delivery and click-through conversion rate. This feature helps users keep alive mutually and boosts the push effect.

    Abundant Tags for Precise Push

    You can call the Tencent Push Notification Service SDK or backend API to bind one or more tags to devices. After that, you can push messages based on the tags, which makes lean operations easier.

    Real-Time Push Effect Analysis

    Tencent Push Notification Service provides real-time analysis of push effects. Statistics of message delivery, display, and click-through are collected in real time and displayed visually in the console to facilitate real-time monitoring of push results.
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