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Vendor Channel QPS Limit Description

Last updated: 2023-04-19 11:26:14

    All mobile phone vendors have a certain limit on the queries per second (QPS) of their push channels. If the current QPS cannot meet your operational needs, you can apply to the vendor for QPS increase as instructed below. (Only certain vendors allow such application.)

    Huawei Push

    QPS limit

    QPS = app's MAU in the Huawei channel * app category weight * 0.00072

    Specification items

    MAU: the value of app's pushes through the Huawei channel on the last calendar day in a month is taken as the MAU of that month.
    Categorization rule: the app category in Huawei AppGallery is used.

    Group Name App Category Weight
    IM Communication 5
    Finance Finance 5
    News News and information 4
    Content Books and references; media and entertainment; photography 3
    Ecommerce Shopping 3
    Basic life necessities Lifestyle and convenience; travel and navigation; food and drink; travel and accommodation 3
    Business Business 3
    Gaming Online games; puzzles games; simulation games; board games 2
    Tools Tools 1
    Sports and health Medicine and health; sports and health 1
    Others Kids; education; personalized themes; cars 1
    Default Default 1

    If your app has not been released on Huawei AppGallery, its category will be "Default".
    If your app's QPS calculated by the formula is smaller than 6,000, the QPS of 6,000 will be used by default.
    When the traffic across the entire network is high, there may be a system-level traffic throttling. 
    In addition, no matter what app category it is, the number of pushes for a single device cannot exceed 100,000 per day; otherwise, push permission will be restricted, and you need to rectify your app and submit your rectification plan to apply for push permission again.

    Applying for QPS increase

    If you have any questions and feedback about the product, please send an email in the following format to hwpush@huawei.com:
    Title: [QPS] consultancy and feedback + app name

    Application Form for Increasing Huawei Message Push QPS for App
    App name:
    Company name:
    App package name:
    App category on Huawei AppGallery:
    Question type: Application for increasing the QPS, consultancy on the specific QPS, etc.
    Background of the demand:
    Specific demand:
    Contact information (email)

    Mi Push

    QPS limit

    The assignment of push rate (QPS) by Mi Push is mainly based on the number of daily online MIUI devices of the application.
    QPS indicates the number of requests that can be called in one second. Up to 1,000 target devices can be included in one request. For example, if the QPS is 3,000, a message can be pushed to up to 3 million devices in one second.


    You can query the number of daily online MIUI devices in Push Operation Platform > Push Statistics > User Data > Detailed Data.

    Different numbers of daily online MIUI devices are assigned with different QPS:

    Daily Online MIUI Devices QPS
    ≥10 million 3000
    ≥5 million and <10 million 2500
    ≥1 million and <5 million 2000
    ≥100,000 and <1 million 1000
    <100,000 500

    Applying for QPS increase

    Currently, no application is allowed.

    OPPO Push

    QPS limit

    The QPS assignment by OPPO Push is mainly based on the application's cumulative number of users, application category weight , and platform push factor. You can query the application's cumulative number of users in OPPO PUSH Operation Platform > I would like to push messages > Application List.

    Calculation formula

    Application's QPS = Reference push QPS value * Application category weight * Platform push factor

    Cumulative Number of Users QPS Application Category Weight Platform Push Factor (1 by Default)
    ≥100 million 30000 1 1
    ≥50 million and <100 million 20000 1 1
    ≥10 million and <50 million 10000 1 1
    <10 million 5000 1 1

    Applying for QPS increase

    Currently, no application is allowed.

    vivo Push

    QPS limit

    QPS: it is automatically adjusted based on the SDK subscription quantity, and the default minimum value is 500 pushes/sec.

    Applying for QPS increase

    Currently, no application is allowed.

    Meizu Push

    QPS limit

    QPS: it is 500 pushes/sec for an app by default. If you need a higher value, please contact Meizu for adjustment.

    Applying for QPS increase

    You can contact Meizu for adjustment.
    Push service email: push_support@meizu.com.

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