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Deleting All Devices Under Tag

Last updated: 2020-10-22 18:45:17

    API Description

    request address/v3/device/tag/delete_all_device

    The API request address is corresponding to the service access point. Select the request address corresponding to the service access point of your application.

    Feature: this API is used to delete all device APIs under a certain tag.

    Parameter Description

    Request parameters

    Parameter Name Type Required Description
    tag_list Array Yes List of tags to be deleted: "tag_list": ["test_tag_3_Ik0N0", "test_tag_2_Ik0N0"]

    Response parameters

    Field name Type Required Comments
    seq Integer Yes The same as the request packet (if the request packet is invalid JSON, this field is 0)
    ret_code Integer Yes Error code. For more information, please see the error codes table
    err_msg String No Error message when an error occurs in the request
    result String No When the request is correct:
  • If there is extra data to be returned, the result will be encapsulated in the json of this field. If there is no extra data,
  • there may be no such field
  • Samples

    Sample request

        "tag_list": ["test_tag_3_Ik0N0", "test_tag_2_Ik0N0"]

    Sample response

        "ret_code": 0,
        "err_msg": "",
        "seq": 0,
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