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Permission Management Overview

Last updated: 2020-09-21 11:23:58


    SCF uses Tencent Cloud Access Management (CAM) to manage permissions. CAM is a permission and access management service that helps you securely manage the access permissions to resources under your Tencent Cloud account. With CAM, you can create, manage and destroy users and user groups and use identity and policy management to control user access to Tencent Cloud resources.

    Manageable Permissions for SCF

    You can assign different SCF permissions to sub-accounts or collaborators through your root account. Currently, SCF supports the following permission granularities:

    Service Policy Syntax TencentCloud API Console Authorization Granularity Temporary Credentials
    SCF Resource level

    Currently, SCF supports the following TencentCloud APIs:

    API Name Description Level
    ListFunctions Gets the function list under the account Account
    GetAccountSettings Gets the quota configuration under the account Account
    CreateFunction Creates a function Resource
    DeleteFunction Deletes a specified function Resource
    InvokeFunction Triggers a function synchronously or asynchronously Resource
    UpdateFunction Updates a function, including its configuration and/or code Resource
    SetTrigger Configures a trigger for a specified function Resource
    DeleteTrigger Deletes a trigger for a specified function Resource
    GetFunction Gets the configuration information of a specified function Resource
    ListVersion Gets the version information of a specified function Resource
    GetFunctionLogs Gets the log information of a specified function Resource

    Roles and Authorization

    SCF implements the access between services and user resources by using the role capability of CAM. SCF offers the configuration role and the execution role. You can use the configuration role to enable SCF to access user resources in the configuration process. You can also use the execution role to enable SCF to apply for the temporary authorization for executing the code, so that the code can implement permission and resource access through the role authorization mechanism.

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