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Last updated: 2023-10-30 10:35:22

    You can install Serverless Cloud Framework through npm.

    Installing via npm


    Before installing through npm, you need to make sure that Node.js (later than v12) and npm have been installed in your environment (for more information, see Node.js Installation Guide) .

    $ node -v
    $ npm -v

    • To ensure the installation speed and stability, we recommend you use cnpm for installation: download and install cnpm first, and then replace all the npm commands used below with cnpm commands.
    • scf is short for the serverless-cloud-framework command.

    Installation steps

    Run the following command on the command line:

    npm i -g serverless-cloud-framework

    If macOS prompts that you have no permission, you need to run sudo npm i -g serverless-cloud-framework for installation.

    If you have already installed Serverless Cloud Framework, you can run the following command to upgrade it to the latest version:

    npm update -g serverless-cloud-framework

    Viewing version information

    After the installation is completed, run the scf -v command to view the version information of Serverless Cloud Framework:

    scf -v

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