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SCF + CKafka for Message Dump to TencentDB for MySQL

Last updated: 2022-01-23 16:11:24


    CKafka allows you to dump messages to TencentDB for MySQL to persistently store filtered data.


    Currently, this feature relies on the SCF and TencentDB for MySQL services, which should be activated first before you can use this feature.


    Message dump to TencentDB for MySQL will be performed with the CKafka trigger in SCF.

    1. Log in to the CKafka console.

    2. Click Instance List on the left sidebar and click the ID/Name of the target instance to enter the instance details page.

    3. On the instance details page, select the Topic Management tab and click Message Dump in the Operation column.

    4. Click Add Message Dump and select General template as the dump type.

      • Dump Type: select General template.
      • Starting Position: the topic offset of historical messages when dumping.
      • SCF Authorization: indicate your consent to activating SCF and create a function. Then, you need to go to the function settings to set more advanced configuration items and view monitoring information.
    5. After the creation is completed, click the Function Management link to enter the SCF console for the next step.

    6. Upload the code of the CKafkaToMysql template (available on GitHub) to the SCF console.

    7. Add the following environment variables in Function Configuration of the function.

      dbhost= // Databases VPC host address
      dbuser=tabor // Database username
      dbpwd=1237018 // Database password
      dbdatabase=canmengtest // Database name
      dbtable=123321 // Table name
    8. Modify the VPC in Function Configuration to make the VPC of the function the same as that of TencentDB.

    9. In the TencentDB for MySQL DMC console, add the relevant databases, tables, and table structures.

      • Create a database with the same name as in the environment variables:

      • Create a table with the same name as in the environment variables:

      • Create a table structure with the same insertion structure as in the function code. offset and Megs will be inserted to by default. You can modify the insertion structure on line 33 in the index.py file.
        You can also run a TencentDB for MySQL command to directly create tables and data structures:

        CREATE TABLE `test_table` ( `offset` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL , `Megs` LONGTEXT NOT NULL ) ENGINE = InnoDB;
    10. Enable the CKafka trigger on the trigger management page in the SCF console.

    Restrictions and Billing

    • The dump speed is subject to the limit of the peak bandwidth of the CKafka instance. If the consumption is too slow, check the peak bandwidth settings.
    • The CKafkaToMySQL scheme uses the CKafka trigger. For more information on related settings such as retry policy and maximum number of messages, see CKafka Trigger.
    • When the dump to MySQL feature is used, the dumped messages are the offset and msgBody data of the CKafka trigger by default. If you want to process the logic by yourself, see Event Message Structure for CKafka Trigger.
    • This feature is provided based on the SCF service that provides a free tier. For more information on the fees for excessive usage, see the billing rules of SCF.
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