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Last updated: 2022-09-19 11:06:08

    Basic Plan Pricing

    Category Edition Price (USD/Month) Note
    SaaS WAF Premium 800 You can upgrade but not downgrade a plan on the Instance Management page.
    Enterprise 2,180
    Ultimate 6,380
    Exclusive You can get the price information only by submitting a ticket.
    CLB WAF Premium 800
    Enterprise 2,180
    Ultimate 6,380
    Exclusive You can get the price information only by submitting a ticket.

    Extra Package Pricing

    Extra domain package

    Description Price
    One extra domain package contains up to ten protected domain names, including one domain name and nine subdomain names. 285 USD/month

    Extra capacity package (extra QPS package)

    Description Price
  • One extra QPS package contains 1,000 QPS.
  • Each extra QPS package provides 1,000 QPS, with 25 or 10 Mbps more bandwidth for businesses in or off Tencent Cloud respectively.
  • 142 USD/month

    Value-Added Capability Pricing

    Security log package

    Description Price
    One security log package contains:
  • 1 TB log storage capacity: You can search for and download access logs of protected domain names within the configured log retention period (1–30 days). If the storage capacity corresponding to the configured period exceeds 1 TB, you can only perform such operations on the logs in the 1 TB storage space.
  • Storage of access logs within 180 days: Access logs can be stored for 180 days; however, they are stored in COS and cannot be searched for or downloaded in the security log pack console. You can only submit a ticket for downloading the log data.
  • 150 USD/month

    • WAF allows you to add third-level and fourth-level domain names that will use the subdomain name quota.
    • To disable extra QPS package, you can cancel renewal for the billing item at Renewals.
    • If you need to disable domain pack auto-renewal, contact us for assistance.
    • We recommend you purchase security log packs for log storage capacity according to the QPS, i.e., 1 TB for each 800 QPS per month.

    Bot traffic management

    Description Price
  • After purchase, you can differentiate between friendly and malicious bots and crawlers and implement targeted traffic management policies through bot traffic management.
  • For example, you can let through the traffic of search engine bots, block the traffic of malicious item information crawlers, delay responses, or adopt different response time periods. This feature reduces resource consumption, information leakage, and failed marketing caused by malicious bots and crawlers on the one hand and ensures normal operations of friendly ones (such as search engine bots and advertising programs) on the other hand.
  • 2000 USD/month

    • After bot traffic management is activated, the unit price of the elastic extra package will increase accordingly.
    • Bot traffic management provides 2500 QPS by default. To request an increase in QPS, you can purchase a bot extra capacity package.

    Bot extra capacity package (extra QPS package)

    Description Price
  • Each extra QPS package provides 1000 QPS.
  • 750 USD/month
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