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Last updated: 2023-12-29 11:08:57
    Currently, WAF is available as SaaS WAF and CLB WAF instances with different plans. For more information, see Basic Plan Specification Description. You can select a WAF instance and plan according to your business needed.
    For more information on the supported regions by SaaS WAF and CLB WAF, see Supported Regions.
    WAF supports only the monthly subscription (prepaid) but not pay-as-you-go billing mode.

    Billing Mode

    WAF adopts the billing mode of basic plan plus extra packs or value-added capabilities:
    Basic plan (required): You can purchase it in prepaid billing mode. For more information on plans and extra packs, see the pricing on the purchase page.
    Extra packs (optional): After purchasing the basic plan, you can purchase extra domain packs, and extra business packs (extra QPS packs) to upgrade the instance specifications.
    Value-added capabilities (optional): After purchasing the basic plan, you can choose to purchase security log packs, bot traffic management.
    For more information on expiration of prepaid WAF instances, see Prepaid Billing.
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