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Last updated: 2024-01-29 15:55:07

    Lightweight Service

    Compared with the open-source Prometheus monitoring service, TMP features a more lightweight overall structure. You can use a TMP instance simply after creating it in Cloud Monitor, where an agent can complete data scrape by using less than 1 GB of memory.

    High Stability and Reliability

    TMP only occupies megabytes of resources, much fewer than the open-source Prometheus does. It also integrates Tencent Cloud storage services and its own replica capabilities to reduce the number of system interruptions and provide services with a higher availability.

    Great Openness

    TMP offers the out-of-the-box Grafana service. It also integrates a wealth of Kubernetes basic monitoring services and dashboards for common service monitoring, which can be quickly used after activation.

    Low Costs

    TMP provides the native Prometheus monitoring service. After you purchase a TMP instance, you can quickly integrate it with TKE to monitor services running on Kubernetes, which eliminates the costs of setup, OPS, and development.

    High Scalability

    TMP features an unlimited data storage capacity not restricted to local disks. It can be dynamically scaled based on Tencent Cloud's proprietary sharding and scheduling technologies to meet your elastic needs. It also supports CLB for better load balancing. This helps solve the pain points that the open-source Prometheus cannot be scaled horizontally.

    High Compatibility

    TMP is fully compatible with Prometheus protocols, support core APIs, custom multidimensional data models, flexible query language PromQL, and collection target discovery through dynamic scrape configuration or static configuration, so you can easily migrate to it for smooth access.
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