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Description of Role Permissions Related to Service Authorization

Last updated: 2024-01-29 16:01:55
    When you use TMP, in order to use related Tencent Cloud resources, you will encounter a variety of scenarios that require service authorization. The CM_QCSRole service role is mainly involved in the process of using TMP. This document describes the details, scenarios, and steps of each authorization policy by role.
    The preset policies associated with the CM_QCSRole role by default include the following:
    QcloudAccessForCMRoleInPromHostingService: TKE permission required by TMP.

    Use Cases

    After you successfully create a TMP instance, you need to monitor the services running on TKE. In order to integrate the TKE service more conveniently, you need to access TKE-related APIs. In this case, your authorization is required before TKE can be normally accessed to install basic monitoring components and get their running status information.
    This role doesn't need to actively look for configuration. If its permission hasn't been granted, after you successfully create a TMP instance, the authorization page will automatically pop up when you enter the Integrate with TKE page for instance management.

    Authorization Steps

    Authorizing by root account

    1. After you successfully create a TMP instance, an authorization window will pop up when you access the Integrate with TKE page, and you need to authorize Cloud Monitor permissions as shown below:
    2. Click Authorize Now in the window.
    3. On the CAM > Role Management page, click Grant, and the system will prompt that the authorization is successful.
    This authorization window will appear only once. If you have already authorized, it will not appear again.

    Granting permissions to sub-account

    After the root account completes the above authorization operations and successfully creates the CM_QCSRole role, the sub-account doesn't have permission to access it. The sub-account must be granted the PassRole permission by the root account before it can normally access TKE in TMP; otherwise, an error will be displayed when it accesses the TKE cluster list.
    When granting the PassRole permission to your sub-account, please make sure that your sub-account has the following permissions:
    Permission Description
    Granted Policy
    The sub-account needs to be granted access to CAM before granting the PassRole permission to the sub-account by the root account can take effect
    QcloudCamReadOnlyAccess or QcloudCamFullAcces
    The Cloud Monitor policy depends on the Tencent Cloud service policy; therefore, before granting the PassRole permission to the sub-account, you need to make sure that the sub-account can normally access TKE resources
    For more information, please see Permission Management
    To ensure that the above permissions are granted successfully, please grant the cam:PassRole permission to the sub-account in the following steps.
    1. Use the root account or a sub-account with administrative permissions to create the following custom policy:
    "version": "2.0",
    "statement": [
    "effect": "allow",
    "action": "cam:PassRole",
    "resource": "qcs::cam::uin/${OwnerUin}:roleName/CM_QCSRole"
    2. After creation, associate the sub-account with the custom policy as instructed in CAM - Authorization Management. After granting the sub-account the cam:PassRole permission, access the Integrate with TKE page of the corresponding TMP instance, and an authorization window will pop up.
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