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Last updated: 2024-01-29 16:01:56
    TMP allows you to define alert conditions based on Prometheus expressions. Once a metric reaches an alert condition, you will receive notifications through email and SMS, so you can take corresponding measures promptly.
    Alerting in TMP combines the alarming capabilities of Cloud Monitor and the alerting capabilities of the open-source Prometheus ecosystem, making alerting more accurate and reasonable.


    TMP supports Alertmanager features such as grouping and silencing to make alerts more reasonable.
    You can group the metric data and regularly check and calculate the alerting rules to make alerting quicker and more convenient.
    Alerting rules can be defined based on PromQL, making alerting more flexible.
    Cloud Monitor's alarm notification templates can be used, which support multiple receiving channels such as email and SMS.


    Rule name
    Custom alerting rule name.
    Alerting rule
    It contains alert trigger condition and duration and should be defined through PromQL.
    Alert object
    Custom alert title.
    Alert message
    Custom alert content.
    A set of specified labels to be added to the alert.
    Custom additional alert message.
    Notification template
    It contains the template name, notification type, recipient, receiving channel. You can define the receiving channel and grouping method.
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