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Last updated: 2024-01-29 15:55:08

    Monitoring Object Access

    Instance creation
    You can create a TMP instance in multiple region.
    Integration center
    The integration center supports quick installation and custom access of various components. After successful installation, you can view monitoring data in Grafana.
    Health check
    Health check detects the service connectivity on a regular basis to monitor the service health, helping you stay up to date with the service health in real time and promptly discover exceptions to improve the SLA.
    Custom monitoring
    You can customize monitoring data reporting and monitor key business metrics, such as the number of requests, orders placed, and time consumed requesting external services.

    Monitoring Metrics for Collection

    Scrape configuration
    ServiceMonitor: A built-in scrape configuration feature in TMP, which is automatically enabled when connected. Currently, the default objects for scrape metrics collection are pods contained in all namespaces under the Kubernetes cluster. ServiceMonitor: It collects the monitoring data in the corresponding endpoints of services based on Prometheus Operator in the K8s ecosystem. PodMonitor: It collects the corresponding monitoring data in pods based on Prometheus Operator in the K8s ecosystem.
    You can visually view the target being scraped through Targets and check whether the scraping status is normal. You can also view the metrics exposed in the target.

    Monitoring Data

    Getting Remote Write address
    The Remote Write feature can store TMP data as a remote database. You can use the Remote Write address to store the monitoring data of self-built Prometheus in the TMP instance to achieve remote storage, and visualize it in the same Grafana system.
    Recording rule
    A recording rule allows you to calculate some commonly used or complex metrics in advance and then store the calculated data in new data metrics. In this way, querying the calculated data will be faster than querying the original data. This can solve the problems of complicated user configuration and slow query.

    Monitoring Data Display

    There are numerous embedded Grafana dashboards available. You can also customize one if necessary. Plugins that are often used on the Grafana official website are also preset, and you can install them quickly in the console.
    Instance monitoring
    It supports the monitoring of TMP instance status and usage, including TMP instance storage, alert sending, Grafana requests and the number of dashboards, helping you check the usage of TMP instances in real time.
    This API is used to get the TMP data address. You can use this address to connect the monitoring data of the TMP instance to the self-built Grafana dashboard for data display, or perform secondary development of the TMP monitoring data.


    Creating alerting rules
    There are numerous preset alerting rules available. You can also customize one for a specific monitoring object. TMP integrates the alarm notification template of Tencent Cloud Observability Platform (TCOP), which notifies you to take measures in time when certain metrics are abnormal.
    Managing alerting rules
    You can perform operations such as enabling, disabling, editing, and deleting alerting rules. You can also quickly import other instance alerts.
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