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Billing Rules for Free Metrics Exceeding Free Storage Period

Last updated: 2024-01-29 15:55:08
    TencentCloud Managed Service for Prometheus (TMP) will change the free metric storage period of pay-as-you-go instances as described in Free Metrics in Pay-as-You-Go Mode to 15 days on November 30, 2022. For TMP instances with storage period over 15 days, their metrics will be charged for the extra storage days.
    To check the free metrics you have used or streamline monitoring metrics to avoid unnecessary expenses, see Streamlining Monitoring Metrics.

    Storage Pricing

    Calculation formula

    Storage fees = storage unit price * (data storage period - 15 days) * daily reported metric data volume in million entries

    Settlement cycle

    Fees are settled on a daily basis.

    Storage unit price

    Unit Price (USD/million entries)
    Non-finance zones in the Chinese mainland, such as Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing
    Regions outside the Chinese mainland + finance zones in the Chinese mainland, such as Hong Kong (China), Singapore, and Shenzhen Finance
    Data entry count less than one million will be calculated as one million.

    Billing Example

    Let’s suppose a user has purchased a TMP instance in a non-finance zone in the Chinese mainland, the data storage period is 45 days, and the number of reported metric data entries is 10 million a day, then: The storage fees for that day = 0.0015 * (45-15) * 10 = 0.45 USD
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