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Querying Monitoring Data

Last updated: 2024-01-29 16:01:55


    When you need to query monitoring data, you can request data through query APIs.

    APPID/Token Acquisition Method

    TMP uses APPID + Token to authenticate the access.
    APPID can be obtained here.
    Token can be obtained from the basic information of the corresponding TMP instance.

    Query APIs

    GET /api/v1/query
    POST /api/v1/query

    Query Parameters

    query=<string>: Prometheus: query expression.
    time=<rfc3339 | unix_timestamp>: timestamp, which is optional.
    timeout=<duration>: detection timeout period, which is optional and specified by the -query.timeout parameter by default.

    Sample Simple Query

    You can use the following sample to query data through an API. The query service address and authentication information can be viewed in the corresponding instance's information in the console:
    curl -u "appid:token" 'http://IP:PORT/api/v1/query?query=up'
    If the returned status code is 401, please check whether the authentication information is correct.
    < HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized
    < Content-Length: 0

    Range Query

    GET /api/v1/query_range
    POST /api/v1/query_range
    Querying data by time range is the most common query scenario. To do so, you can use the /api/v1/query_range API as shown below:
    $ curl -u "appid:token" 'http://IP:PORT/api/v1/query_range?query=up&start=2015-07-01T20:10:30.781Z&end=2015-07-01T20:11:00.781Z&step=15s'
    "status" : "success",
    "data" : {
    "resultType" : "matrix",
    "result" : [
    "metric" : {
    "__name__" : "up",
    "job" : "prometheus",
    "instance" : "localhost:9090"
    "values" : [
    [ 1435781430.781, "1" ],
    [ 1435781445.781, "1" ],
    [ 1435781460.781, "1" ]
    "metric" : {
    "__name__" : "up",
    "job" : "node",
    "instance" : "localhost:9091"
    "values" : [
    [ 1435781430.781, "0" ],
    [ 1435781445.781, "0" ],
    [ 1435781460.781, "1" ]

    Adding Data Source to Self-Built Grafana

    You can add TMP as a data source in your self-built Grafana, and then you can view data in Grafana, provided that they are in the same VPC and can access each other over the network.
    Enable the BasicAuth authentication method and enter the corresponding authentication information as shown below:
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