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Purchase Methods

Last updated: 2024-01-29 15:55:08
    This document describes how to purchase a TMP instance.



    1. Log in to the TMP purchase page and configure the following instance information.
    Billing Mode
    Select “pay-as-you-go”.
    Select the region where your business needs to be deployed.
    Tencent Cloud services in different regions cannot communicate with each other over the private network; for example, a service in the Guangzhou region cannot report data to a TMP instance in the Shanghai region over the private network. Once an instance is purchased, the region cannot be changed. Therefore, you need to select the region with caution.
    Availability Zone
    Select an AZ supported by the region.
    VPC is supported. We recommend you choose the same VPC in the same region as your monitoring target. For more information, see Network Environment.
    Data Retention Period
    Select the data retention period. In the pay-as-you-go billing mode, fees are charged based on the daily reported metric data volume and the data retention period. For more information, see Product Pricing.
    Instance Name
    Enter an instance name.
    Grafana Password/Confirm Password
    Enter the password of Grafana that comes with the instance. The account is `admin` by default.
    The password must begin with a letter or digit and contain at least one special symbol (`@$!%*#?&`), and its length should be between 6 and 24.
    Enter a tag for the instance (optional).
    Validity Period
    Select the validity period of the instance.
    2. Read and indicate your consent to related terms of agreement, and then click Buy Now.
    3. On the payment page, select a payment method and pay.
    4. You can enter the instance list page after the purchase. The instance will be in Creating status, and you can use it after around 3-5 minutes when its status changes to Running.

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