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Use Cases

Last updated: 2024-01-29 15:55:07

    Integrated Monitoring

    TMP provides the one-stop out-of-the-box Prometheus monitoring service, which is natively integrated with Grafana dashboards and Cloud Monitor alarms for various monitoring scenarios such as basic services, application layer, and container services.

    Application Service Monitoring

    Scenario 1

    An application provides external API services but their quality information cannot be secured. TMP can be integrated according to the development language to monitor the access request volume, delay, and success rate of APIs in real time.

    Scenario 2

    TMP also detects service exceptions to help you understand which APIs an exception responds to, which servers an exception occurs on, and whether an exception occurs on individual servers or in the entire cluster.

    Scenario 3

    For Java applications, TMP can monitor the GC, memory, and thread status of individual servers to help you fully understand the internal status of JVM.

    CVM Monitoring

    If your service is deployed in CVM, you must modify the Prometheus scrape configuration almost every time the service is scaled. For this kind of scenario, with the aid of the tagging capability of the Tencent Cloud platform and the tag discovery capability of the Prometheus agent, you only need to properly associate tags with CVM instances to easily manage and monitor target objects, which helps you get rid of continuously updating the configuration manually; for example:
    1. Service A is deployed on 2 CVM instances at the same time, and the instances are associated with the tag "service name: A";
    2. The original number of CVM instances cannot meet the requirements of a business campaign, and 3 more instances should be added. At this time, you only need to associate the tag "service name: A" with these new instances, and then the agent will automatically discover them and actively scrape their monitoring metrics;
    3. After the campaign is over, 3 CVM instances are removed, and the agent can automatically discover the instance deactivation and stop scraping their monitoring metrics.

    Custom Monitoring

    You can use TMP to customize the reported metric monitoring data so as to monitor internal status of applications or services, such as the number of processed requests and the number of orders. You can also monitor the processing duration of some core logic, such as requesting external services.
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