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Granting Policy

Last updated: 2021-12-16 12:03:36

    Custom Policy for TMP

    If preset policies cannot meet your needs, you can click Create Custom Policy to create custom policies.

    For the method of custom policy creation, please see Setting Policy.

    Policy Authorization

    A configured policy can grant permissions by associating user groups or sub-users.

    Resource Types Authorizable by Custom Policy

    Resource-Level permission can be used to specify which resources a user can manipulate. TMP supports certain resource-level permissions. This means that for TMP operations that support resource-level permission, you can control the time when a user is allowed to perform operations or to use specified resources. The following table describes the types of resources that can be authorized in CAM.

    Resource Type Resource Description Method in Authorization Policy
    TMP qcs::monitor:$region:$account:prom-instance/*

    The following table describes the TMP API operations that currently support resource-level permissions. When setting a policy, you can enter the API operation name in the action field to control the individual API. You can also use * as a wildcard to set the action.

    List of APIs supporting resource-level authorization

    API Operation API Description
    DescribePrometheusInstances Lists all TMP instances of the user
    TerminatePrometheusInstances Terminates TMP instance
    RecreatePrometheusInstance Reboots TMP instance
    ModifyPrometheusInstanceAttributes Modifies TMP instance attributes
    ChangeGrafanaAdminPassword Changes Grafana admin Password
    UpgradeGrafanaDashboard Upgrades Grafana dashboard
    DescribePrometheusKubeClusters Lists TKE clusters that can be integrated with TMP
    InstallPrometheusAgent Installs Prometheus agent
    UninstallPrometheusAgent Uninstalls Prometheus agent
    DescribeServiceDiscovery Lists TMP scrape configurations
    CreateServiceDiscovery Creates TMP scrape configuration
    UpdateServiceDiscovery Updates TMP scrape configuration
    DeleteServiceDiscovery Deletes TMP scrape configuration
    DescribePrometheusKubeBasicMonitor Queries basic monitoring status
    EnablePrometheusKubeBasicMonitor Enables basic monitoring
    DisablePrometheusKubeBasicMonitor Disables basic monitoring
    DescribePrometheusAgentRuntime Gets the runtime status of Prometheus agent
    DescribePrometheusJobTargets Lists the status information of TMP metric scrape tasks
    DescribeRecordingRules Queries recording rules
    CreateRecordingRule Creates recording rule
    UpdateRecordingRule Updates recording rule
    DeleteRecordingRules Deletes recording rule
    DescribeAlertRules Queries alarming rules
    DeleteAlertRules Deletes alarming rule
    UpdateAlertRuleState Updates alarming rule status
    CreateAlertRule Creates alarming rule
    UpdateAlertRule Updates alarming rule

    List of APIs not supporting resource-level authorization

    For TMP API operations that don't support resource-level authorization, you can still authorize a user to perform them, but you must specify * as the resource element in the policy statement.

    API Operation API Description
    CreatePrometheusInstance Creates TMP instance
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