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Last updated: 2024-01-29 15:55:07
This document describes the basic concepts involved in using the TMP service, so that you can check and understand related concepts.
Exporter is a component that collects monitoring data and provides data externally based on Prometheus monitoring specifications. There are currently hundreds of official or third-party tools available, see Exporters and Integrations.
A collection of configurations for a set of targets. After the scrape interval is defined, access restrictions will will be applied to the scraping job for a given set of targets.
TMP instance
The logical unit for managing monitoring data collection and data storage analysis provided by TMP.
TMP probe
Kubernetes cluster deployed on either the user or Tencent Cloud side. It is responsible for automatic discovery of collection targets, collection metrics and remote writing to other libraries.
The query language for the TMP service, which supports instant query and timespan query. It has a variety of built-in functions and operators, so raw data can be aggregated, sliced, predicted, and federated.
The collection target to be scraped by the Prometheus Agent. The collection target either exposes its own operation and business metrics or serves as a proxy for exposing the operation and business metrics of a monitored object.
Alerting rule
The alert configuration of alerting rule formats in TMP, Which can be described by PromQL.
An pair of key-value used to describe the metric.
Scrape configuration
One of the features in TMP, which can automatically discover collection targets without static configuration. It supports Kubernetes SD, Consul, Eureka, and other ways of service discovery. It also allows collection targets to be exposed via Service Monitor and Pod Monitor.
Recording rule
The recording rule capacity in TMP. With recording rule, raw data can be processed into new metrics through PromQL to improve query efficiency.
Integration Center
It integrates all the services supported by TMP. You can install the corresponding services as instructed on the page. After successful installation, you can view the monitoring data on the monitoring panel.
Alerting rule
It is used to define how to trigger and send an alert.
Cloud product monitor
TMP integrates the monitoring data of Tencent Cloud products. You can quickly install the Agent to view the monitoring data.
Metrics are used to collect a series of labeled data exposed by the target, which can fully reflect the operation or business status of the monitored object.
The total number of reported data points per second. It is an important metric to measure the processing power of the system.
Series limit
The maximum number of metrics. The upper limit of series = (single metric × the dimension combination of the metric) × the number of metrics.

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