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Payment Overdue

Last updated: 2024-01-29 15:55:08
    If you are a customer of a Tencent Cloud partner, the rules regarding resources when there are overdue payments are subject to the agreement between you and the partner.


    From seven days before your resource expires until the resource is released, the system will send an alert to your Tencent Cloud account creator, global resource collaborators, and financial collaborators via email, SMS, and other methods as configured in the message subscription in the Message Center.
    During this period, the alert will be sent once every day.


    You will receive renewal notifications from seven days before your TMP resource expires.
    The resource can be used within seven days after it expires, during which you will receive expiration alerts. Please renew it as soon as possible.
    From the eighth day after the resource expires, it will remain unavailable yet can be renewed, and instances will be suspended.
    If you do not renew the resource seven days after it becomes suspended, it will be repossessed, and related data will be cleared and cannot be recovered.
    In other words, the TMP resource will remain available for seven days after the expiration and become unavailable for another seven days. You can renew it within the 14 days. If your balance is sufficient and auto-renewal is enabled, the resource will be automatically renewed upon expiration.
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