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Viewing Subscription Log

Last updated: 2021-12-24 18:26:13


    During a subscription task, you can view its logs to know the task progress.


    1. Log in to the DTS consoleand select Data Subscription on the left sidebar to enter the data subscription page.
      • Method 1: select the target subscription task and click its name.
      • Method 2: select the target subscription task and click View Subscription Details in the Operation column.
    2. Switch between different tabs to view the task logs.

    Task Status Description

    Status Description
    Not started The purchase has been completed, but no subscription task has been configured.
    Checking The subscription task is being checked.
    Verification passed The subscription task passed the verification.
    Verification failed The subscription task failed the verification.
    Enabling The subscription task is ready to run.
    Task running The subscription task is running.
    Stopping The subscription task is being stopped when a subscription object is reset.
    Task error The subscription task is interrupted due to an error.
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