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Last updated: 2022-08-01 14:53:07

Data Query APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeBillingData Queries billing data
DescribeCdnData Queries access data.
DescribeIpVisit Queries data of active users
DescribeOriginData Queries origin-pull data.
DescribeReportData Queries report data
ListTopData Queries top data

Content Management APIs

API Name Feature
DescribePurgeQuota Queries purge usage quota
DescribePurgeTasks Queries purge history
DescribePushQuota Queries prefetch usage quota
DescribePushTasks Queries prefetch history
DescribeUrlViolations Queries violation history.
DisableCaches Blocks URLs
EnableCaches Unblocks URLs
GetDisableRecords Queries history of blocking actions
PurgePathCache Purges directories
PurgeUrlsCache Purges URLs
PushUrlsCache Prefetches URLs

Secure Content Delivery Network APIs

API Name Feature
UpdateScdnDomain Updates SCDN domain name configuration
CreateScdnFailedLogTask Recreates an event log task

Domain Name Management APIs

API Name Feature
DeleteCdnDomain Deletes an acceleration domain name.
StartCdnDomain Enables an acceleration domain name.
StopCdnDomain Disables an acceleration domain name.

Other APIs

API Name Feature
UpdatePayType Modifies billing mode.

Service Query APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeCdnIp Queries IP ownership
DescribeCdnOriginIp Queries intermediate nodes
DescribeCertDomains Gets available domain names in certificate
DescribeIpStatus Queries the node status of the domain name
DescribeMapInfo Queries codes of districts and ISPs
DescribePayType Queries billing mode

Configuration Management APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeDomains Queries basic domain name information.
DescribeDomainsConfig Queries detailed domain name configuration.
UpdateDomainConfig Updates domain name configuration

Real-time Log APIs

API Name Feature
AddCLSTopicDomains Adds one or more domains to a specified log topic
CreateClsLogTopic Creating a log topic
DeleteClsLogTopic Deletes log topic
DisableClsLogTopic Stops publishing to log topic
EnableClsLogTopic Starts publishing to log topic
ListClsLogTopics Displaying a list of log topics
ListClsTopicDomains Gets domain names bound to log topic
ManageClsTopicDomains Manages domain names bound to log topic
SearchClsLog Searches for CLS logs

Log Query APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeCdnDomainLogs Queries a log download link
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