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Last updated: 2023-06-29 17:45:01

    You can add authentication to prevent hotlinking of your website. Tencent Cloud supports Type A, B, C and D authentication. This document describes details of Type A authentication.

    Algorithm Description

    • Access URL format


      The access URL cannot contain any Chinese characters.

    • Description of authentication fields

      Field Description
      DomainName CDN domain.
      Filename Resource access path. During authentication, `Filename` must start with a slash (/).
      timestamp The time when the server generates the authentication URL. It is a positive hex integer Unix timestamp, which is the total number of seconds between 00:00:00, January 1, 1970, UTC time and the URL generation time. Its definition is irrelevant to the time zone.
      rand A random string consisting 0-100 characters ([0-9], [a-z], [A-Z]).
      uid User ID (not in use), which defaults to 0.
      md5hash A string containing 32 characters calculated based on the MD5 algorithm. It is calculated as follows:
      • `md5hash = md5sum(uri-timestamp-rand-uid-pkey)`.
      • `uri`: It is the resource access path and must start with a slash (/).
      • `timestamp`: Its value is the above `timestamp`.
      • `rand`: Its value is the above `rand`.
      • `uid`: Its value is the above `uid`.
      • `pkey`: It can contain 6 to 40 letters and digits. It should be kept private and disclosed to only the client and server.
    • Authentication logic description
      After the CDN server receives a user request, it parses the timestamp parameter in the URL and the validity period of the authentication URL and compares it with the current time.

      1. If the sum of timestamp and the validity period of the authentication URL is before the current time, the server judges that the URL has expired and is invalid and returns the HTTP error code 403.
      2. If the sum of timestamp and the validity period of the authentication URL is after the current time, the server uses the MD5 algorithm to calculate the value of md5hash and it with the md5hash value passed in by the URL. If they are the same, the request will pass the authentication; otherwise, the HTTP error code 403 will be returned.

    Configuration Directions

    Here we take Type-A authentication as an example.

    • Field configuration

      • Authentication key: dimtm5evg50ijsx2hvuwyfoiu65
      • Signature parameter: sign
      • Validity period of the authentication URL: 1s
      • The time when the signature calculation server generates the authentication URL: 2020-02-27 16:10:32 (UTC+8). Its decimal integer value after conversion is 1582791032 (timestamp).
      • Requested origin address: http://www.mixcre.com/test/1.jpg
    • Generation process

    • Get authentication parameters:

      Parameter Value
      URI Resource access path, which is `/test.jpg`.
      timestamp 1582791032
      rand Generate a random string: im1acp76sx9sdqe601v
      uid Set it to `0`
      pkey dimtm5evg50ijsx2hvuwyfoiu65
    • Concatenate the signature string: /test.jpg-1582791032-im1acp76sx9sdqe601v-0-dimtm5evg50ijsx2hvuwyfoiu65

    • Calculate the MD5 value of the signature string: md5hash =md5sum(uri-timestamp-rand-uid-pkey)= md5sum(/test.jpg-1582791032-im1acp76sx9sdqe601v-0-dimtm5evg50ijsx2hvuwyfoiu65) = 3fbb88382c9356b6faaf9d68c7b2ae3a

    • Generate the authentication URL: http://www.mixcre.com/test/1.jpg?sign=1682234383-YES3WZ57u91G3zA1YYzh5Y3aIy6U2i0K-0-57b80424b3e6f9da4027fe13c00c44a7
      When the client uses the encryption URL for access, if the md5hash value calculated by the CDN server is the same as the md5hash value carried by the access request, which are both 3fbb88382c9356b6faaf9d68c7b2ae3a in this example, the request will pass the authentication; otherwise, the authentication will fail.


    Cache hit rate

    For domain names using TypeA authentication mode, the access URL will carry the authentication parameter. When a CDN node caches the resource, the corresponding parameter will be ignored and thus will not affect the cache hit rate.


    As the authentication parameter will be automatically ignored, the cache keys of the files to be authenticated will be affected, and the priority here is higher than the cache key rules in Cache Configuration -> Cache Key Rule Configuration.
    For example, the Type A configuration here is as: "Authentication Parameter: sign"; "Authentication Scope: jpg"; then the sign parameter will be automatically ignored for JPG files even though the configuration is as "All Files: Not Ignore" in Cache Configuration -> Cache Key Rule Configuration.

    Origin-pull policy

    The access format of a domain name with Type A authentication mode enabled is as follows:

    If the CDN node is not hit after successful authentication, it will initiate an origin-pull request, which is in the same format as the access request with the sign parameter retained. The origin server can ignore it or perform authentication again as needed.

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